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ProtoTRAK SMX 2 or 3 axis CNC Control, for SMX Mills

The ProtoTRAK CNC/Manual control is simply the best technology solution for small batch machining available today.

ProtoTRAK was first developed by Southwestern Industries in California over 25 years ago. They focused their entire efforts into finding an engineering solution that would provide ‘consistent high efficiency performance on low volume and complex prototype production’. From these focused efforts ProtoTRAK began its evolution process with the introduction in 1984 of the first ProtoTRAK branded product. ProtoTRAK has now become a runaway success with over 11,000 users in the UK and over 45,000 worldwide.

The ProtoTRAK control range has now developed into the ‘EMX’ and ‘SMX’ for the Mill, and the ‘ELX’ and ‘SLX’ for the Lathe. These four new controls now offer unrivalled milling and turning capabilities, with greater stability, amazing graphics and now seem even more intuitive to use than before, with the ‘plain English prompts’ still proving to be a firm winner with shopfloor machinists throughout the world.

ProtoTRAK, unlike many alternative prototype CNCs available today, is not simply a watered-down high volume production control - it’s the genuine finished article designed from the ground up as a control for one-off and low volume production.

This 2 or 3 axis CNC offers the latest ProtoTRAK® technology. Canned cycles include pockets of every shape conceivable, pockets with islands, thread milling, bolt hole patterns, drilling, tapping and boring. AGE profiling means no more calculations! With the unique ‘guess’ key, if a dimension is missing from the drawing simply ‘guess’ the approximate position of a point or intersection, 3D surfacing with ‘on board’ DNC and the capability to handle virtually unlimited program size.

ProtoTRAK® Verify
One of the many advanced features of the ProtoTRAK SMX and SLX controls is the ability to have a visual representation of the part that has been programmed as a solid model. This VERIFY feature supplements the tool path function which will show where each tool will machine by allowing the operator to specify the material size that the part is to be made from and then run the program as if the machining is taking place. The prove out can be performed at different speeds to allow for checking of each process or just the finished part can be displayed.

On the mill package the part can be rotated to ensure tools have cut to the correct depth and the tool has retracted between operation to avoid tool and part collision. On the lathe software the part can be sectioned allowing any internal operations to be viewed. The VERIFY function is the ultimate in part program prove out and can be used for programs produced using the ProtoTRAK conversational format or programs generated on CadCam systems.

Programming is so simple on the ProtoTRAK but it can be made even easier. Fitting the optional DXF converter makes simple work of programming profiles and selecting hole patterns by taking them directly from the CAD drawings in either DXF or DWG formats. Because we don’t need the supplementary data such as the drawing boarder and even dimensions, layers can be turned off and the machinist can decide where they would like to put the datum position. Using the standard ProtoTRAK programming menu to select the operations required directly from the drawing, means no dimensional mistakes will ever be made again.

ProtoTRAK® Parasolid
More and more companies now design their parts using solid modeling software. This data in the form of a PARASOLID model (.X_T format) can be imported directly into the ProtoTRAK control to allow the machinist to work straight from the design.

When the model is opened it can be viewed in full 3 dimensions along with the ability to zoom, pan and rotate the part to the desired perspective. The X,Y and Z axis datum positions can be set by the programmer before selecting the events required to manufacture the part.
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